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The Right Reasons

Web site and identity for a fledgling band, The Right Reasons. Throughout discussion with the musicians, terms like nostalgia and escapism kept coming up. Drawing from the Library of Congress’ archives of photochrom prints and a Czechoslovakia coffee table book from the 70s, I collaged together three images that invoke the Right Reasons’ aesthetic of longing, searching and unabashed sentimentality.

In some ways, this is lightweight project compared to others shown in this portfolio, and yet I value it in the sense that, while most graphic design undertakings provide concrete answers, this one raises questions and creates a sense of intrigue around the band. Each time you reload the site, you get a different image– what is the band’s real identity? Moreover, the site uses a non-traditional and non-hierarchichal system of navigation that makes the overall effect seem all the more out-of-time.

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