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I Burn Paris

Published in 1929 by the leader of the Polish Futurism movement, this novel got its author deported from France on account of its socialist, anarchist and catastrophist sentiments. A disaffected young prol poisons the Paris water supply, causing a lethal plague that turns the city into a battleground of warring ethic and social factions. The actual events of this story are so outrageous (the book at times reads like a shaggy dog story that Jasienski has created just to hang his socio-political commentary on) that it seemed inappropriate to actually illustrate the plot points on the cover. Instead, I chose to develop an aggressive geometrical pattern that calls to mind the dialectics of class conflict and also invokes the style of late-20s and early-30s book cover design.

Note: Below is a limited-edition custom-spine version I produced with a Berlin-based bookbinder, Christian Klunder. For images of the original spine version, see the Twisted Spoon site.

Published by Twisted Spoon Press 2011. Publisher’s web page »

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