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Redesigned the identity for the largest industrial developer in the Czech Republic. The logo allows for a modular structure, where a sub-brand can be placed to the right of the signature vertical bar.

In spring of 2009, I started designing a book for CTP, the largest industrial developer in the Czech Republic. The book was initially conceived as a sleek production; by fall, however, the financial crisis had hit, and a rarified, upscale book no longer seemed appropriate to the marketplace. And so, the objective of the book evolved. In the wake of the economic crash, it seeks to express the tenacity, commitment and rootedness of a company that established itself early in the region and isn’t planning on leaving any time soon.

Using Colors magazine as a touchstone, I designed an engaging large-format book on rough paper, reporting on the vitality and energy of the individuals who make up the company. Eventually topping out at 360 pages, the book extends far beyond corporate activities to discuss the Czech region as a whole– the history of its trade routes, its lesser-known regions, its important political and philanthropic figures.

Based on the success of the CTP Yearbook (see previous project), the client asked us to redesign their corporate web site in a way that extends the same messaging as the book. Working from the color palette and feeling of the Yearbook (and from the Table of Contents structure in particular) I set out to design a site that would set CTP apart from other industrial developers in terms of communicating the key structural and human assets of the company in a visually engaging manner.

We were helped greatly by the extraordinary amount of photography we took for the Yearbook, which gave us an unusual wealth of visual material to work. Some of the more interesting articles from the book are recreated here verbatim, using large images and quotations directly from the book (see last two slides). Lastly, I came up with a navigational system where the global nav tab itself splits into the sub-sections on mouse over (see second slide)– as far as I know, this is a unique implementation

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