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A Gothic Soul

From the publisher’s site: “A Gothic Soul is the most acclaimed work of Czech Decadent prose. Expressing concerns that are unique to the Czech movement while alluding creatively and ironically to Joris-Karl Huysman’s Against Nature, the novella is set in Prague, which is portrayed as a dead city, a city peopled by shades, who, like the protagonist — a nihilist and the ‘last scion of a noble line” — are only a dim reflection of the city’s medieval splendor.’”

For the cover design, I drew from a single passage in the narrative: “He resented the lyricism of his soul, its yearning to yield. It was so torpid and gray in his soul: a long, monotonous plain, and above it hung a low cloud. That was his soul. Everything so bare and flat.”

Published by Twisted Spoon Press 2015. Publisher’s web page »